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Are you destined to explore the unknown wilderness of your soul?

Spiritual explorers are born with an inner knowing that they have something to do this lifetime!

Many spiritualists feel the urge to leave ‘no-rock-unturned’. This means they will do all they can to achieve what they were born to do. They are born with an inner knowing, that this life is an opportunity for evolution. They are also aware it requires committed truth-seeking and soul-searching, and begin to question everything. They’ll know that something is amiss and be aware of a void within, and seek meaning in their life experiences. These people are aware, even before they truly understand it, that they have a soul intent to resolve what anchors them to their unconsciousness.

This inner knowing will eventually awaken them to the journey ahead because they know it is a return to their truth. They know adopting beliefs, aligning with other’s expectations or performing spiritual illusions will not satisfy them. They yearn for authenticity and to embrace their resonance with the truth of their origins.

Many have had a rough time due to their heightened awareness; they see what others ignore and feel what others deny. They are sensitive to energy, the shifts that reveal the frequencies of truth and the vibrations of non-truths. The world can be a confusing place for those who feel with their heart, and various paths are walked until the shine of their consciousness awakens them to the uniqueness of their soul.

Awakening isn’t a belief they align to; it is a willingness to broaden their understanding of our place within the reality many are oblivious to. The journey is one of highs and lows, and each step is an opportunity to grow. Eventually, it enables them to see and reject the desires they have been indoctrinated to believe make them unworthy of their internal knowing. They begin to reject the superficial, recognising it does not feed their soul. They look for meaningfulness, truthfulness and inner-fulfillment.

As the veils of denial start to lift, at first, they are shocked at what they missed, and confusion often reigns as they attempt to make sense of their awareness of life. They search for answers that have a resonance with their soul. They accept (sometimes dubiously) that their life experiences as teachers. With each rock they turn, new learning begins. They are spiritual explorers, born to intentionally participate in the evolution of their soul.

Accepting you are a spiritual explorer, with a unique path to walk, can be both liberating and daunting. However, a spiritual explorer will take the steps into the unknown, because they know they are not alone as they walk.

When we mindfully explore the labyrinth of life, we evolve through our discoveries. When we refuse to acknowledge the opportunities life presents, we become stuck in the labyrinth, unaware that we are the key to unburdening our souls.

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