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Intuition – A brief overview

1 minute read… We are all intuitive souls, we can feel, sense and hear truth. Our souls naturally resonate with truth, and intuition is the recognition of that resonance. Intuition is an internal signal telling us to be aware of ourselves, take notice of reality and be open to exploring. Working with our intuition does not […]

Are You A Spiritual Explorer?

6 minute read… Published in SYL Magazine. If one of these points resonates with you, triggers an internal knowing, makes you self-reflect, or is part of your own aspirations, you are a spiritual explorer. Are you willing to question everything? Do you seek the truth and aspire to reconnect with your authenticity or the pacification […]

What is Truth-Seeking, Soul-Searching and Spiritual Exploring?

1.30 minute read… As truth-seekers, we are aware that we want to reconnect and embrace the truth of being souls. It stems from the aspiration to ‘know thy self’. This means to have an honest relationship with ourselves. Truth-seeking means our curiosity has been sparked and there is an internal thirst for knowledge that resonates […]

Feet-on-the-Ground Spirituality

4 minute read… There are many pitfalls that often leave spiritual seekers, even those with the best intentions, to lose themselves to illusions. Illusions conjured by their desire to be spiritual, elite or an attempt to escape their internal turmoil. We have all fallen into them, and some are difficult to detect because they feed […]

Spiritual Journaling

2.30 minute read… The brilliant thing about journaling is there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can write as little or as much as you want. All of my books have questions, prompts to draw your attention, so you can focus on whatever it ignites. Peppered throughout the books are exercises, […]


2 minute read… Are you destined to explore the unknown wilderness of your soul? Spiritual explorers are born with an inner knowing that they have something to do this lifetime! Many spiritualists feel the urge to leave ‘no-rock-unturned’. This means they will do all they can to achieve what they were born to do. They […]

Insight & Awareness Self-Help Books

3.40 minute read… Insight & Awareness books do not sit comfortably in the tradition of ‘self-help’ books. If you are only driven by achieving an outcome, fixated on “your wants”, seeking to manifest your will, or on the chase to control life, these books will irritate you. They are not manuals that tell you to […]

What do you mean by ‘the truth of who we are’- authenticity?

This is a really good question. Your soul is the truth of who you are.

I use this term a lot and what it means is to have your thoughts, actions, words and feelings all in tune, expressing the authenticity of your soul. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to share your inner thoughts with others, but you are aware and know why you want to keep your awareness private. You are also mindful of the reasons behind the decisions you make. Understanding you are a soul requires you to acknowledge and deal with whatever is camouflaging your authentic self.