A message for all beautiful souls – aka YOU!

Life can be tough, challenging and to be honest – brutal at times. We hear “LET IT GO, MOVE ON” but what happens when we don’t know how to or why we’re emotionally triggered? My work and passion as a Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Intuitive® is to help you feel and embody how significant and unique you truly are.  

Hello I am Lorraine and I love witnessing my own and others personal transformation, turning our emotional issues into opportunities for personal growth. I explain the fundamentals of grounded spirituality in my multi-award winning books, but the quick sum up is spirituality is about understanding ourselves, dealing with our unresolved emotions and reconnecting to our souls. Our spirituality is personal and we each have our own path to walk.

I am across many genres spiritual, self-help and healing and recovery because I know we can’t evolve unless we do the inner-work-clean up our emotional baggage and free ourselves of the emotions that burden our souls.

On my Podcast Lorraine Nilon’s Spiritual Explorer and in my personal sessions and workshop as a Soul Intuitive® the purpose is to increase the client, listener, reader- AKA explorer’s self-awareness. 

Are you ready to Reconnect to the meaningfulness of our lives, Recover from our wounds and Rejuvenate our relationship with ourselves.    

Did you know that you are completely worthy and more than good enough —You are a divine soul with infinite potential! 

Lorraine – Author, Podcaster and Soul Intuitive®.

Welcome Explorer and be curious especially about who you are!! I hope you find the information on the website insightful and helpful.

I have been called many things by those I’ve worked with. As we explore and gather information our adventure becomes awareness building and the purpose is to understand ourselves better. We develop a connection because honesty is required when on an evolutionary journey.

I have been referred to as a Spiritual Tour Guide, Spiritual and Emotional Mentor, a Supportive Life Coach, a Teacher or a Trusted Friend (one of my favourites was Emotional Detective, LOL); the label for what I do is best left to those who share time with me. Every session and workshop is unique because we are all unique and that should be celebrated. 

What I can tell you is that I always work from compassion and unconditional love, because when I see people, I see souls in a physical body, experiencing life.

My job as a Soul Intuitive®  is to listen, intuitively read and track your energy this includes your soul and whatever is stored in your emotional baggage to get you answers and help you understand who you REALLY are without the suppressed emotions, and misconception that cling to you until resolved.

The books I’ve written are designed to help those soul seekers who know the path requires honest self-reflection and a healing process. I love meeting new souls – I strive to nurture self-curiosity and assist you to see that you are part of a divine bigger picture.

I use my experience and Soul Intuitive® skill to help others:

Unlock their Hidden Potential through Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Understand their Soul Purpose.

Experience Personal Transformation for those dealing with trauma – Narcissistic Relationship Recovery, Betrayal and Healing from Childhood Abuse 

Join Lorraine and her guests as they talk about Life, Spirituality and Emotional Trauma Recovery!

photo of Lorraine Nilon podcast

We all hit a time in our lives when we know we need to reconnect better with our own authenticity – How do we do that and what is stopping us from loving and accepting ourselves?

Many of us have to recover from the hurt, pain and misconceptions we carry from our life experiences – How do we do that?

And how do we rejuvenate ourselves and our curiosity about our natural selves. 

Check-out the Podcast Conversations Available Now 

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Photo of Lorraine Nilon, Dr Eben Alexander, Tyson Yunkaporta, Stepanie Sarazin and Judy Wilkins-Smith

Life is a learning curve! I hope my spiritual explorations and adventure enable you to gain answers to your internal question!

Are you:

  • Struggling to come to peace with your past. You’re not alone.
  • Stuck in negative beliefs and fears of not being good enough.  You are worthy and there are solutions.
  • Riding your own merry-go-round of self-judgment.  You are a capable of getting off, remember you are a significant soul.
  • Feeling an unexplained internal void.  You have a unique path and change is waiting for you.

Are you tired of those nagging WHY questions:

  • Why can’t I let go of my emotional issues?
  • Why do I feel so unsatisfied with my life?
  • Why am I so judgmental of my-self and others?
  • Why do I feel like my own worst enemy!

Are you curious about yourself and want to:

  • Improve your self-awareness?
  • Understand yourself?
  • Live exploring the purpose of your existence?

I build roadmaps – ways for you to discover and explore your own wisdom, intuition and relationship with yourself.

Like a tour guide I draw your attention to points of interest-that is my life purpose!

Whether you stumble across one of my books,  listen to my podcast or do an online course I hope your awareness of yourself broadens and you recognize the significance of your soul.

If you join a workshop, come to one the events I’m at or book a personal session with me –  I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story. I work with open arms free from judgment.  

You are the caretaker of your soul.

Lorraine Nilon

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Free Quote E-booklet Available Plus 12day E-mailed- Companion Contemplation Course. Improve your self-reflection skills.

photo of Lorraine and an illustration of a happy lady walking out of an emotional labyrinth

Ulludalla, Wollongong, Muswellbrook and Newcastle – May-June-July


lady staring at mountains contemplating

The online course version of this workshop is available NOW.

I am very happy about this!! My team and I have worked very hard on this online adventure. I am not afraid to admit talking to a camera is very daunting, so you will witness some rookie moments. LOL. I love working with people and this is a new way to reach you. We all get to a stage of wanting or needing to soul search and be contemplative about life and our relationships with ourselves and others.

Sometimes life presents opportunities to understand ourselves better or we are confronted with our histories (carried trauma) that we attempted to suppress and we know it is time, even if we feel unready for the expedition into our beliefs, unresolved emotions and fears, we know not doing it will only sustain the void we feel within. Often life changing events give us time to pause and seek answers to the internal questions we have. I say let your curiosity steer you and discover more about yourself and recover from the wounds you have experienced in the process.   

This course should be your me time, relax with it. Set your own pace and enjoy tapping into your inner wisdom that you might not believe you have but you do! Improving your self-reflection skills enhances the way you life your unique life.

If you would like to attend a 2-day workshops and have your ME TIME with a few others including me, please use contact form.

The 2-day workshops run with very limited numbers and those who express interest are notified before we advertise.

The NEW Soul Awareness workshop has been great. I love meeting so many spiritual explorers who want to do the inner work!!! 

I work with, not on people; sessions and workshops are a collaborative process. 

I love that I am a part of unraveling the emotional blocks, and reconnecting people to the truth of their souls—authenticity.

Image of Lorraine Nilon's Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence papaerback and ebookFor the veteran survivor, fledging survivor, partners of the abused and a resource for those working with childhood sexual abuse victims.

Tap into your own hidden wisdom! 

For beginners or spiritual veterans tired of the airy-fairy spiritual info, who wants something real and explorative. Strengthen your understanding of your soul purpose and authenticity. Packed with wisdom, stories and answers to questions.

Judged by top industry professionals—not as merely a great indie book—but as great book, period. IndieReader Verdict/Review 

SPIRITUALITY, EVOLUTION & AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS is just what the doctor ordered to calm the heart and insert positivity into center the soul. Lorraine Nilon does a spectacular job pulling the reader into the depth of spirituality, cleansing the energy, and making them more empowered than ever. Nilon’s profound passion for contemplation and self-reflection gives a magical aura surrounding the book, encouraging readers to move forward. The breathtaking artwork, enlightened vocabulary, peaceful tone, and empowering theme are reasons why this book will end up on bookshelves, libraries, and bookstores all over the world.

Spiritual Book For experienced soul-searchers who want a comprehensive guide that walks them through the emotional labyrinth that confronts all spiritualist.

  • May you find the courage and honesty to explore beyond your limited perception of yourself, to discover the truth of who you are.

  • When you feel at sea in an abyss of emotions, reconnecting with the beauty of your soul can be difficult, but it is never impossible.

    A man rowing is tumult water
  • Lorraine Nilon books in front of a mountain scene
  • crowd of miserable people with a focus on one depressed girl looking for answers- plus expanding consciousness quote

Do you want a Deeper Understanding of Soul and Spiritual Growth?

My work is designed to offer maps, torches and tool kits that assist you on your independent soul journey. You are not going to get your spiritual ego stroked, but your soul will be nurtured as you are guided to become more self-reflective and realise your own value, worth and significance.

The more we understand ourselves the easier it is to:

Reconnect with our authentic self (our souls) and live to our true potential.

Recover from the pain, misconceptions, negative self-beliefs and fears we carry.

Rejuvenate our relationship with ourselves, others, reality and our origins of truth.

You’ll confront your emotional baggage: shadow side, mind chatter, negative beliefs, false narratives—Recovery and transformation is rewarding but requires us to resolve our emotional issues. Building awareness and learning to be in the process of self-discovery enables you to embrace the things that matter.

You’ll be excited by the various ways revealed that enable you to explore the concepts of soul energy, consciousness, and living authentically. All of which, leave you with a deeper understanding of:

  • who you are
  • the importance of feet-on-the-ground spirituality
  • the significance of consciousness beyond the body
  • how to get real about emotional resilience, soul maturity and spiritual growth

Broadening your understanding of the complexities of unresolved emotions and building a genuine relationship with your soul, is an exciting adventure.

Your relationship with your soul, (yourself) deserves to be acknowledged as the most important relationship you have.

Lorraine Nilon

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