Spiritual Journaling

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The brilliant thing about journaling is there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can write as little or as much as you want. All of my books have questions, prompts to draw your attention, so you can focus on whatever it ignites.

Peppered throughout the books are exercises, so you take what is written off the pages, into your thoughts and your real world. This is so it becomes an experience that enables you to express your insight and awareness. It is a way of assisting you to tap into your consciousnesssoul-knowingintuitiveness.

When journaling, write like no-one will ever see it. (Decide later if you want to share it.) Trust that you will handle what is revealed and rejoice in those moments of realization. You may find your clarity refreshing and permit yourself to be honest about your reaction to either the question, prompt or what you wrote. Your reaction will reveal something to you.

Sometimes it is a relief to see, express or say aloud what is held deep within. It can decompress the tension your suppressed emotions create. It can put your feelings and perception of reality together, unjumbling them, so you can be a witness to your inner world.

Journaling can create the opportunity to know what you value,
to identify what triggers an emotional reaction or lets you
recognise the wisdom of your own insight and awareness.

You don’t have to journal; discussing questions, quotes or the illustrations with people who share your love for spiritual exploration and truth-seeking, works brilliantly as well. This is always interesting in the workshops and retreats; you see we learn from each other. Sharing stories, thoughts and even our confusion, lets us recognise the truth that talks directly to our souls, because when we truly listen, we feel.

Inner growth stems from understanding yourself. This requires attention and intention. When you seek the truth, you will uncover it. This doesn’t always mean instantly, but every honest word that expresses your truth, is heading to that moment of clarity, that puts all the pieces together so you can resonate with your truth. You might refer to these moments as:

  • Realizations – awakening to a truth
  • Enlightening – recognition of greater knowledge and expansion of awareness
  • Inspiration – recognising an idea that makes your heart sing, or feeling the stirring of your soul

You decide when to be an active participant in revealing to yourself what you truly contribute to life and inject into your relationships. Journaling is a way of learning from what you have experienced or are currently experiencing. It challenges you to be mindful and to deliberately put yourself in a position to be truthful and to learn for ourselves.

Emotional and spiritual maturity occurs as we become
prepared to objectively observe ourselves and life.

Experiment: Pick one of the following statements and journal your thoughts and feelings.

Excerpt from Energy of Souls

We learn a lot when we:

  1. examine the beliefs that motivate our behaviours; we find what reflects our truth or oppresses our awareness of truth.
  2. are prepared to challenge what influences the way we think; we open the door to self-discovery.
  3. honestly question ourselves about why we react the way we do; we are ready to explore.
  4. face the fears that cause us to retreat from the truth of ourselves; we liberate ourselves.
  5. confront how we filter what we see; we begin to observe what has always been there.
  6. explore the energy we feel; we rejuvenate our awareness of ourselves.
  7. value truth; we naturally build a strong relationship with our soul.
  8. We learn a lot when we ……………
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