Insight & Awareness Self-Help Books

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Insight & Awareness books

do not sit comfortably in the tradition of ‘self-help’ books.

If you are only driven by achieving an outcome, fixated on “your wants”, seeking to manifest your will, or on the chase to control life, these books will irritate you. They are not manuals that tell you to follow specific instructions or adhere to the advice. They layout a landscape, remove the cloaks of camouflage so that you can journey through, building your awareness, while uncovering what you recognise.

They provide a map highlighting what to contemplate and supply a platform for you to become self-reflective. This starts with what is written and how it relates to you, from there you will become more aware of yourself.

Each book is an introspective journey, an expedition—a way of exploring your inner-self.

The books provide an opportunity to discover the inner obstacles to knowing and nurturing your soul. They work best when you accept and seek to find all that is carried, generated and emanated from your soul. These books create a junction of circumstances that provide an opportunity to understand your truth, to soul-search and to accept the complexity and simplicity of your reality. Your life experiences and the books insightful information as well as your curiosity combine, enabling you to intentionally participate in your evolutionary journey. 

Insight & Awareness books meet you where you are at, and

shows you to perspectives that are hidden within you.

You are already on a soul journey; it is called life, and life is a messy affair. You will experience regret, disappointment, grief, losses, failure and be shocked by the unexpected. You will also experience joy, excitement, love, successes and be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected. That’s life, one big bag of mixed emotions and events.

Learning from life is not a straightforward event nor is it neat and tidy; it is messy because we are attempting to deal with the irrationality of our emotions as we head towards the unknown. At times learning is a chaotic adventure and each exploration can highlight more than we bargained for; it is a dynamic multi-stranded journey.

Learning requires us to acknowledge ourselves and reality. Acknowledgement allows us to progress and to expand our awareness. Insight & Awareness books, unravel the complexities of life and present it to you, offering the opportunity to learn from what you have experienced.   

Life is walking a path,

the catch is learning how to look up and see the view.

Insight & Awareness books reveal the purpose of life and why you are here. They support you to acknowledge the meaningfulness of your experiences and highlight what matters. What you take notice of and resonate with depends on where you have set the binoculars. You can read the same information at different times and you’ll become aware of something new. (Have fun experimenting with this concept.) As your awareness increases, you’ll recognise a deeper layer to what you are reading.

Our life purpose is about realising we belong in consciousness. Knowing what that means takes a self-discovery journey, one that lasts a lifetime and beyond. Developing an honest relationship with ourselves, others, life, the truth and our origins, is an evolutionary endeavoura continuous one.

Insight & Awareness books don’t ask you to get on a spiritual journey, they inform you that you are already on one. Living in all its forms is a spiritual journey. When you recognise this, it gives greater meaning to all you have experienced and are experiencing.

The information, stories and exercises enlighten you to the possibility of turning pain into insight. Trauma into resilience. Confusion into clarity and much more. They demonstrate why it is worth walking towards what was once ran from and instead of carrying what is suppressed, get it out, deal with it and allow yourself to grow. With a new perspective emotional and spiritual growth is inevitable.

Carrying our emotional baggage on a merry-go-round of soul oppression, sustains what we want to run from. So, deal with or don’t deal with the reality of yourself, it is a choice. These books reveal an often-hidden reality that we are constantly choosing either to deal with reality or to ignore it. The latter leaves us trapped in our own emotional prisons, stuck on the merry-go-round of repeat, repeat, miss the point, repeat, repeat, miss the point. 

Insight & Awareness books are thought-provoking, asking you to examine your beliefs, to feel your reactions and to listen to your soul. They are more than just books they are invitations, explorations and create opportunities to get honest. They assist the development of your clarity and expand your understanding of being a significant soul in a larger evolutionary story.

What resonates with your soul becomes illuminated; it may answer a question, open a door to more questions or enable you to recognise and appreciate yourself. Sometimes you’ll be confronted, staring down the barrel of what you wanted to ignore. Other times you’ll scratch your head, knowing there is something you want to grasp and it may take more time or another experience before you get it. Sometimes you’ll celebrate the pieces falling in place and other times it reaffirms what you already knew. 

Insight & Awareness are books for your soul!

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