057 -Joan of Arc, Courage and Spirituality in Today’s Changing World! MIKE CAVALLI

What can we learn from Joan Of Arc?

Joan of Arc’s Timeless Wisdom: Love, Courage, and Collective Power with Mike Cavalli

In this episode, I have the pleasure of welcoming an intriguing guest, Mike Cavalli, who will be shedding light on the importance of understanding Joan of Arc. Mike dives right in, explaining how Joan’s courage and spirituality are still relevant in our ever-changing world. He emphasizes that love knows no fear of consequence and that embracing courage can lead to life-changing situations.

Moving on, Mike takes us into the fifth dimension, a realm of abundance, joy, peace, and justice for everyone. He draws parallels between today’s concept of justice and Joan of Arc’s desire for France to rule its own country. Mike urges us to approach justice with love instead of seeking vengeance, reminding us to respect others’ space while still wishing them well.

Of course, adopting this mindset can be challenging, especially for abuse survivors, and Lorraine acknowledges this. But Mike shares his personal relationship with Joan of Arc and how it developed over time. He recalls watching a film about her as a young boy and feeling an inexplicable connection.

But how does Mike communicate with Joan of Arc? Through table tipping, a form of physical mediumship. Lorraine is curious about the source of the table’s movement, and Mike clarifies that it’s Joan of Arc’s energy channeled through him. In fact, he even mentions that he doesn’t always need the table; he simply trusts what Joan gives him.

As the conversation progresses, they touch on various topics, from historical prophecies to our collective power. Mike strongly believes that courage is key to doing the right thing, whether it’s standing up against injustice from a boss or moving forward as a society. He shares an inspiring story about Jeanne d’Arc’s prediction about forced medical intervention in Austria, which didn’t come to pass due to collective energy. He has a prophecy from Joan of Arc!

The message is clear: love and positivity have the power to create change. Mike reminds us that our thoughts and actions matter, and that by focusing on personal growth, we contribute to collective healing. Each individual’s journey towards authenticity is crucial in shaping a better world.

So, if you’re looking for insights, inspiration, and a reminder of the incredible power within each of us, make sure to listen to this intriguing episode. Join Lorraine and Mike as they delve into the timeless wisdom of Joan of Arc and discover how her story still resonates today. Don’t wait, hit play now and let the transformation begin.


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