031-Steve Gamlin – The Motivational Firewood® Guy

Steve Gamlin Author of 20 to Life (In a Good Way)!: Twenty Simple Actions to Break Away from the Negativity Around You.

A discussion on core values. Join Steve and Lorraine as they discuss the concept behind his business name; see if it sparks something within you.

He explains how a breakdown during his time as a radio announcer became a break-through and how life is so much more rewarding now. He delightfully tells a story that changed his relationship with fear.

How do we deal with problems and what can we learn from them.

Steve does a beautiful tribute to the love he has for his wife – MY TINA – is how affectionately calls her.

Steve’s Book: (Amazon) https://geni.us/20tolife

Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood Guy.

As The Motivational Firewood® Guy, Steve blends positivity, Visualization and humor, helping you SEE your desired outcomes, understand your WHY, and build ACTION PLANS to achieve…using his Vision Board Mastery program, Coaching and events. Bottom line: Steve helps you identify what your goals LOOK like, FEEL like, SOUND like…even SMELL like.

STEVE’S WEBSITE: https://stevegamlin.com 


Ever met someone and felt like you’ve know them….FOREVER?
I recently connected with Lorraine Nilon Author and got to have this amazing conversation.
We live half a world apart, geographically…yet we’re side-by-side on our Core Values and how to approach the world.
YouTube-FLIP THE BOOK – an excerpt of this interview.



book cover with brick wall that is missing bricks.

photo of Steve Gamlin plus quote

Photo of Lorraine Nilon

Lorraine Information

You’ll be surprised at what a session with me reveals. I take on a limited number of clients and improvement in self-awareness is inevitable after a session. I pride myself on my ability to help you understand yourself better.

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