025 – Amanda Quick-Author of The Sex Trafficker’s Wife

What Happens When the Unthinkable Occurs? 

Amanda Quick-Author of The Sex Trafficker’s Wife: A Story of Truth, Faith, and Trust in Self

Join Amanda and I as we discuss – How one night changed her world.
You hear others recounts of their life events and wonder how you would react and Amanda’s story is one of those.
She was a loving housewife. He was a hard-working husband. Together they shared three precious boys. Then she found herself caught up by the darkest most insidious corners of the criminal world of using sex trafficked minors. Her husband, the man she loved and the father of her children, was a criminal. He got caught in a sting and she was confronted with the reality that he was and is a pedophile who paid to have sex with minors.
Her reaction may shock you! BUT trauma is hard to deal with and Amanda courageously tells it like it is!
Amanda’s Book: The Sex Trafficker’s Wife: https://geni.us/sextraffickingwife


Amanda quicks book cover - lighting scence

phot of amanda Quick author with quote from Lorraine Nilon's spiritual podcast

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