024 – AJ Parr – Author of Stairway to Heaven-25 Near Death Experiences

What Awaits Us Once This Life Ends? 

Author of Stairway to Heaven: 25 Near-Death Experiences About Encounters with God, Jesus, and Paradise- AJ Parr has interviewed many people who have had Near Death experiences – 25 of which he has put in his book. he has researched this topic and continues to do so. 

Join AJ Parr and Lorraine as AJ explains what he has learnt from his journalistic approach to near-death experiences (NDE).
What has AJ discovered while interviewing and researching those who have died briefly and came back with memories of the other side.
AJ reveal what caused him to transform the way he approaches life – What consistent recount of NDE changed AJ’s life? 
AJ is a holistic spiritual journalist and comparative religion researcher with a lifelong interest and experience in ancient philosophical schools.
(Amazon)AJ’s Book: Stairway to Heaven: 25 Near-Death Experiences. https://geni.us/stairwaytoheaven



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  1. AJ Parr
    AJ Parr says:

    Thanks for interviewing me on your podcast, Lorraine.  I had a a great time and hope the video serves to inspire and enlighten your listeners. Thanks for the time and effort you put into preparing it and making it a great experience for me. Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring!


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