039 – Kris Ashley: Spiritual Path and Recovery!

Trigger warning Childhood Sexual Abuse discussed.

In this riveting podcast episode, Kris Ashley, the author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality, shares her incredible journey of overcoming trauma and transforming her reality.

Kris speaks candidly about the sexual abuse she experienced at the age of 12 and the guilt and self-harm that followed. However, things changed when she found her love for self-help and spiritual books.

She highlights her passion for The Ancient Secret to the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek claiming it changed her life at the age of 17, which opened up a world of possibilities for her. As all author know there is no greater compliment!! Kris firmly believes that changing one’s perception and belief system can change one’s reality.

Throughout the podcast episode, Kris and the host, Lorraine Nilon, discuss topics including forgiveness, self-compassion, and rebuilding oneself after abuse. They also delve into the importance of doing inner work, exploring one’s spirituality, and embracing one’s core essences to climb out of emotional holes.

With mentions of Narcissistic abuse, humanity’s need for unconditional love and empathy, and the importance of taking accountability and responsibility for oneself, this podcast episode is an inspiring and eye-opening listen. Tune in for an unforgettable conversation on transforming your reality.

Topics Discussed: Sexual abuse, trauma, guilt, self-harm, perception, belief system, forgiveness, self-compassion, abuse victims, spirituality, inner work, empathy, unconditional love, humanity, Covid, resilience, accountability, responsibility, core essences.

Website:   https://www.krisashley.net/

Kris’s Book:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality (amazon) 

YouTube-FLIP THE BOOK – an excerpt of this interview.
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