022 – Debbie Mirza – Author of The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist

Unveiling the Truth Beneath the Confusion and Evolving.

Join Debbie and Lorraine as they discuss the emotional impact covert passive aggressive narcissist create. Recovering from these crazy making relationships requires good information and Debbie empathically explains some insights into the recovery process.

Narcissistic abuse and any type of toxic relationship affects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Part of the problem is none of it makes a lot of sense so confusion reigns.  An inner judgement takes hold and it  morphs into harmful self-beliefs causes many to experience low self-esteem, a feeling of hopelessness and crippling self-doubt.

They feel shattered, confused, depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with emotions. Symptoms of complex PTSD are common, as well as many types of chronic illness. These relationships can bring us to the depths of despair.

Good information and knowing others have healed is empowering!

Healing after narcissistic abuse is possible, Debbie’s book and insights during the podcast are comforting and inspiring.

Fascinating conversation and personally love Debbie’s answer to the Podcast Question of “What does humanity need to acknowledge and understand for us to evolve?”

What Does Humanity Need to Acknowledge and Understand to Evolve?

We need to acknowledge and understand that so much of the way the world is currently set up is designed to make us feel disempowered and confused and keep us in a state of inner and outer chaos.

We need to realize that this is not how we are meant to live. This is not how we are designed to experience life.

We are designed to feel joy, to experience love, and to live in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and the planet we live on.

We must remember this in order to evolve individually and as a collective.

We live our lives trying to adjust, conform, and fit into the world we live in, and it just keeps us perpetuating the system we currently have.

These relationships with covert narcissists are really a microcosm of what we are currently experiencing, living life on this planet. And just like in these relationships, we don’t see the covert abuse. We get used to the crumbs of kind words we experience here and there and learn to adjust. Over time we forget our worth and who we really are and accept a life of demeaning behavior because we learn that is all we are worthy of receiving and experiencing in life.

In order to evolve we first need to acknowledge this is the situation we are in. We need to recognize this is not our fault and has nothing to do with who we are. The truth is we are magnificent, and we are made for so much more. There is nothing wrong with us. We are living in a system that is emotionally and physically draining and destructive. We are fed so many covert lies about ourselves, our worth, and how life is supposed to be lived.

We need to open our eyes to the lies and remember the truth we hold deep inside us. The truth of how life is meant to be lived. How we are designed to feel inside ourselves and with each other.

The more we each decide to step out of this box we’ve been put in and see the stunning creation we are, and treat ourselves with dignity, respect, and the love we are meant to experience, then the tides will begin to turn. This will have a ripple effect, and over time we will evolve into a planet that remembers who we are and how life is supposed to be lived.

Written by Debbie Mirza.

Debbie’s book: The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist https://geni.us/covertnarcissist (amazon)

Connect with Debbie  Website: https://www.debbiemirza.com


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