Insight & Awareness is an expedition of self-discovery

Insight & Awareness offers – Books, Online Courses, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, Private Sessions. You choose what suits your own unique journey of self-discovery.  

Who is it for?

Insight & Awareness is for you if:

  • You are tired of wallowing and sabotaging yourself with your unresolved emotions
  • You yearn to unshackle yourself from the pain you carry (Resentment, fear, shame, guilt, hurt)
  • You are ready to learn from your life experiences
  • You are prepared to get real and want to know thy self(understand your internal and external reality)
  • You are looking for meaning and aspire to be more engaged in your own life and relationships
  • You feel drawn to a deeper spiritual connection, are curious and full of questions
  • You sense you were born to evolve your soul
  • You are interested in genuine spiritual growth, not spiritual posturing –Posturing means to behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead (pretend). It is to have an artificial, non-genuine attitude.
  • You know deep within is the spark of your soul that wants to burn bright
  • You want a relationship with your soul and truth
  • You seek to understand the meaningfulness of your existence
  • You want to know? (Acknowledge your internal questions and then lets us know when your exploration of Insight & Awareness has answered it) 

As you can tell by the above, Insight & Awareness, regardless of the path you choose to take, is about you!

Insight & Awareness takes you on a journey and our mission is to assist fellow spiritual explorers to feel peace within and excited about who they are. We want to support your ability to resolve whatever is creating a barrier to being of your truth, in order to unify with the truth of who they are.

We are tour guides, providing maps, information and assistance, that help you navigate the complexities of yourself. 

 We guide, but cannot do it for you. We work with you, not on you. It is a journey that requires you to take self-responsibility. We highlight points of interest, educate you on the pitfalls and direct you towards resolution and evolution. We are a support crew who have the privilege of bearing witness to your expedition into your soul ReconnectionRecovery and Rejuvenation. The path is determined by you. We can direct you to the courses, workshops, books or private sessions best suited to you.

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Book by Lorraine Nilon - Spirituality

Think of evolution as soul maturity:

The process of becoming fully developed, at one with the truth of yourself. We don’t really know what that means and none of us could claim job done. However, we can acknowledge we are on an evolutionary journey and we are unsure of the most advanced stages until we are experiencing them. The journey is more a dynamically changing marathon than a sprint to a finish line.  

Excerpt from Spirituality, Evolution and Consciousness




Insight & Awareness addresses: 

The following plus much more. 

  • Soulpurpose – Reconnecting with the reasons you are here this lifetime.
  • Core essence– Identifying the fundamental energies that naturally emanates from your soul. (Rejuvenating your awareness of the purity of your soul)
  • Underlying emotional issues – Identifying andrecovering from the suppressed feelings, fears and beliefs that prevent you from living your life to the full.
  • Emotional cycles and patterns – Providea fresh approach to recognising, understanding and recovering from your emotional merry-go-rounds.
  • Recognition of evolutionary opportunities – Looking at past and present events from a soul perspective,rejuvenating your awareness and reconnecting with your own insight.
  • Recoveryinsight – How do your behaviours, emotions and internal dialogue affect and inhibit you?
  • Negative beliefs and fears – Revealing your internal conditioning and negative thought processes that you use to create corrupted self-definitions. Reconnectingto your truth hidden beneath your distorted sense of self.
  • Past lives – The longevity of your soul journey – A soul journey is greater than just one life. Reconnecting with the truth of your soul and rejuvenatingyour awareness of the importance of your soul journey. Uncovering past life events serve to illuminate issues that need to be acknowledged and resolved in this lifetime.
  • Karma – Working out what you are destined to experience, acknowledge and then resolve – Recognisingwhat you are aware of within the depths of your soul, but struggle to understand. Coming to term with the eternalness of your soul and your original intention for this lifetime. Putting life events into perspective and examining them as learning curves for the soul.

Karma is best summed up by one of Lorraine’s quotes

When we talk of karma we are talking about responsibility

and accountability for our own energy.  

We are the creators of our own energy,

which has a cause and effect on our souls and life.

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What can you expect?

You can expect to heighten your awareness of:

  • Yourself
  • Your soul truth
  • Your authenticity
  • Your unique life journey
  • Your natural significance
  • Your relationship with truth
  • What you were born to resolve
  • Your own insight and awarenessAcceptance - self acceptance expands into clarity, and strengthens your ability to care for your soul - quote of Lorraine Nilon

You can expect to explore whatever inhibits you from:

  • Debunking your negative beliefs
  • Resolving your unresolved emotions
  • Embracing your soul
  • Quelling your fears and anxieties
  • Living your potential
  • Realizing your true value
  • Answering your internal questions

You will laugh, cry, get frustrated and feel invigorated. You name it, you will probably experience it, because you are going to explore the truth of your consciousness and unconsciousness.

Curious to know more about conciousness and unconciousness?    WHAT IS SOUL INTUITIVE

The information and exercises will ignite your curiosity about yourself and provide a map to assist you in finding your own unique path to self-acceptance.

You cannot resolve what do not understand, and Insight & Awareness takes you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. The books, workshops and courses are designed to be a tour guide pointing out what is often missed, but blatantly obvious when your awareness is brought to it.

Anything to do with Insight & Awareness is an adventure 

into expanding your awareness and aligning to 

your own internal knowledge (insight).

Are you an explorer? 

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"You are...

a significant, unique, independent, individual soul, who has ventured into this world to expand your awareness of yourself and truth. You are an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness: you are an opportunity for evolution." Your Insight and Awareness Book
Lorraine Nilon


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