Books for your soul!

All Insight & Awareness books expose a labyrinth of life experiences, emotions and soul truth.

They highlight the hidden lessons and are designed to assist you on your individual journey. It is easy to get lost, to give up or to deny the significance of your evolutionary path and these books are reminders that you are worth the effort required.

Insight & Awareness books are maps that help you understand how to free yourself from the internal and external prisons you create and adopt, or result from being treated in a way that does not reflect the true value of your soul. They highlight the bars, locks and wardens of self-limitations.

These books are tools that are uniquely used by each soul who engages with the information. To get the most out of the books, you need to be willing to engage and pay attention to your emotional reactions.

They are resources for those who seek to feel or want to feel their soul.

For those who want to be fully present in the exploration of themselves, truth and life.

The anthology of Insight & Awareness books are thought-provoking and explain the significance of who you are. They challenge beliefs and ask you to honestly self-reflect; to be an objective observer. That can be easier said than done.

Insight & Awareness books are for those who yearn to reconnect with their authenticity.

They are designed to invoke ‘feet-on-the-ground spirituality’, which means no spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypassing is an illusion that will not soothe your soul or enhance your evolution. In the long run, it disengages you from a meaningful relationship with your soul and truth. 

You can choose to read any Insight & Awareness book from cover to cover, or randomly select pages, paragraphs, sentences or illustrations, using them as a source of contemplation.

Your Insight and Awareness Book

Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself

This is not just a book; it is an experience for your soul.

Do you yearn to reconnect with the authenticity of who you really are?

Your Insight and Awareness Book walks you through your emotional labyrinth like a tour guide revealing the diverse ways you inhibit yourself from accepting the significance of your soul. The struggles of life can leave you disconnected from the truth of who you are and disengaged from the meaningfulness of your existence. This book is for the dedicated, those who have burning questions and get that an expedition takes effort. Your Insight and Awareness Book is a voyage of discovery and confronts you to genuinely own what is hidden in your emotional baggage but influential in the way you approach yourself and life.

Your Insight and Awareness Book is unique. It is the result of tracking the energy of many emotions, fears, beliefs, even the extremity of indifference, and the consciousness naturally flowing within our souls.

Each paragraph is a love it – “I get it” or leave it – “not relevant to me” experience. HOWEVER, if it triggers an emotional reaction, irritates you or seeps into your awareness and triggers a knowing that there is a deeper meaning to you, you have got yourself an experience to track the energy that impedes your peace within. Highlight it and keep coming back to it, until you have that moment of clarity.

Everyone who explores

Your Insight and Awareness Book

will have a unique experience as it is an introspective journey.

your soul journey is like a river

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence

A respectful exploration into the ramifications of paedophilic abuse

Abuse is never contained to a present moment; it lingers across a person’s lifetime and has pervasive long-term ramifications.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence sheds light on the complex reality of emotional trauma left in the wake of paedophilic abuse. It is a book that exposes the multi-facets of abuse that shock the victim to the core of their soul, creating a cumulative effect on their life, self-perception and their relationships with others.

Although directly written for survivors to empower them with understanding, and to challenge their beliefs of being unworthy; it is a book for anyone who has been impacted by or a witness to the ripple effects abuse has. It is an enlightening resource for loved ones of survivors, and those in professions that offer emotional, investigative or judicial support. Paedophilia takes an emotional toll on all those dealing with the reality of abuse and this book exposes the true impact including the ripple effect it has on families, communities and society.

Veteran survivors have found Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence reaffirming of their knowledge that is rarely spoken of. It can be overwhelming for the fledging survivor but worth having, slowly dipping in to gain a deeper understanding of the multi-facets of abuse. It also enables partners of the abused insight into the complexity of dealing and healing from childhood abuse.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence explores, with sensitivity, the effects of the intrusive fear that plagues survivors, and the various ways they continue to see themselves as a victim long after the sexual abuse has ended. This is a book that does not soft sell or hide from the reality of the ramifications of paedophilia, or how carried victim mentality impacts the quality of life of the abused. Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence explains why the process of recovery is complicated, and gives hope to those who fear they will never feel free or at peace with their history 

Unpublished but on their way – 2020

I have spent the last two years writing books that are easy reading, full of stories as well as information. From over twenty years of exploring soul journeys, the reoccurring complexity is why is it difficult to love ourselves and to treat each other with respect. Our disrespect of each other causes a lot of pain, that burdens our soul and creates false self-definitions that we align to without challenge.

These books challenge everything and are for those who no longer want to settle for a limited perception of themselves. Peace within takes effort and understanding. These books highlight where effort is required and give you the understanding to build your own awareness of who you truly are.

Each of the following four books, run with a theme of exploration, as their titles indicate.

There are so many beautiful artworks that bring the books alive and showcase their relevancy. (It does slow down the process of publishing, but is so worth it, to ensure you enjoy the books.)

Below shows the line of progress for publication. The courses, workshops and webinars, will also follow the same line. Join the mailing list and be the first to know.

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Once all four books are published, they are designed to either be a starting point, meeting the reader/explorer at what they have prioritised they want to understand, or a building block to continue the journey of self-discovery. This way they can individualise their line of progression. But that is the future, if you are keen, join the publishing line of progression and become an explorer of Insight & Awareness Books.

It is a unique approach; one I hope you will enjoy exploring.

Spirituality, Evolution & Awakened Consciousness

Understanding how to get real about soul maturity and spiritual growth

This is not just a book,

it is an awakening to spiritual growth within the imperfection of our lives.

Do you yearn to reconnect with the potential of your soul?

Spirituality, Evolution and Awakened Consciousness is a reminder to contemplate the significance of your spirituality, evolution and awakening consciousness. Do not view these as just words or concepts to toss around, align with the internal yearning to truly comprehend what they mean to you. This book will not have all the answers you seek, although I hope it will ignite your curiosity and invoke the questions within you that enable you to trust life as an expedition and realise you are a fellow explorer.

An explorer who seeks truth, not illusion. One who values reality and wants to be of their truth, embracing their uniqueness and unifying all the fragmented aspects of their soul.

Energy of souls

Understanding your soul system to expand your emotional and spiritual maturity

This is not just a book, it is an expansion of your understanding of yourself.

Do you yearn to rejuvenate your relationship with yourself?

Energy of souls is an overview of your energy system; it is designed to give you more insight into the many aspects that contribute to your energetic soul system.

Your soul truth is both the energy of our soul’s consciousness and unconsciousness. Many aspects of these energies are explained as well as how the charka system reacts to both conscious and unconscious energy. It is an inspirational book because when we understand our energetic system, we have a starting point for our exploration to rejuvenate our relationship with our soul.

Energy of souls is designed to educate those who are interested in the complexities of their energy system. We are layers of energy, and the better we grasp our own personal reality, the more aware we become.

Unpublished but on their way – 2021

Emerging Awareness

An invitation to honour the true essence of who you are

This is not just a book, it is an opportunity to explore your own insight & awareness.

Do you yearn to reconnect with the core essence of your soul?

Emerging Awareness is thought-provoking. It is an asset to those who seek to understand themselves and debunk their limited self-perception.

As you contemplate the insights within this book, you instinctively self-reflect and this opens the door for your own awareness to emerge.

It is a book for you, if you seek to explore and gain insight into where you have been and where you are now. Approach it as an experiment and allow yourself the freedom to embark on the voyage of mindful self-discovery and growth.

Emerging Awareness is an opportunity to expand your awareness of yourself and life

Worthy of Recovery

Understanding the wake left behind life shocks, betrayal, abuse, addictions and narcissistic relationships 

Worthy of Recovery offers assurances that regardless of what you have experienced and where you have been, you deserve and can have a strong sense of who you are. It highlights the importance of understanding what has become barriers to you accepting your reality, liking the process of self-discovery and (the big one) loving who you naturally are.

There are many events and moments that are life shocks that simply don’t respond to ‘get over it’. They rock us to our core and as much as we want to ‘let it go’, the aftershocks stay as torments.

Worthy of Recovery offers understanding as to why we can’t ‘just jump over it and move on’. The book explains what to look for, explore and how there is a flow-on effect from these life shocks. We have all experienced life shocks; some are horrific and perception of our self and the world changes in that instant. Others are like a ‘water wearing away stone’ scenario, as we experience a constant bombardment it leaves us believing that we have to loathe ourselves, others or life.

Coming to terms with our reality is a process and one we all believe at times we have stuffed up.

"You are...

a significant, unique, independent, individual soul, who has ventured into this world to expand your awareness of yourself and truth. You are an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness: you are an opportunity for evolution." Your Insight and Awareness Book
Lorraine Nilon


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