What is the most important part of spirituality?

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This week I was asked, ” What I thought was the most important part of spirituality?”

This is an interesting question!

This was my answer, however there is no one answer and each of us prioritise different things at different time; it is dependent on our current situation.

We can philosophise about the meaning of life, and use words of wisdom, but it is the actions we take and how we interact with each other that reveals what we value.

Spirituality can become a shield we hide behind as we ignore how we operate in this world. True spirituality is to be engaged in our life experiences, acknowledging whatever they are revealing to us. It is also being aware of ourselves, taking responsibility and accountability for our contribution to what we are experiencing.

Each of our actions has an intent, some hidden better than others. If we are honest about our intent, we are more in tuned with our authenticity.

The most important part of spirituality is being truthful about ourselves, without that, we are disconnected from our authenticity. Disconnection allows us to use spirituality as a convenience, image or a source to sustain denial.

Truthfulness doesn’t always come easy, because we have to compete against our own fears, judgements and denial. Understanding this, and then learning how to deal with the unconsciousness of ourselves, is a major part of all true spiritual journeys and it also leads to evolution.


Lorraine Nilon

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