What do you mean by ‘the truth of who we are’- authenticity?

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This is a really good question. Your soul is the truth of who you are.

I use this term a lot and what it means is to have your thoughts, actions, words and feelings all in tune, expressing the authenticity of your soul. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to share your inner thoughts with others, but you are aware and know why you want to keep your awareness private. You are also mindful of the reasons behind the decisions you make. Understanding you are a soul requires you to acknowledge and deal with whatever is camouflaging your authentic self.

Being aware of your authentic self requires self-honesty. (Honesty is often easier to say than do.) It is acknowledging your presence and contribution to whatever you are experiencing.

When you take full responsibility for how you exist in the world, you begin to recognise the significance of peace within. (Exist in the world doesn’t mean what you possess or the positions you are in, I mean how you choose to interact with all that life encompasses. How you treat others and yourself? What you value? Your integrity.)

Your relationship with yourself is your most important relationship. When you realise that you determine the type of relationship you have with yourself, you begin to appreciate all your life experiences. You cannot control how you are received and sometimes you will never know what others think of you or why they chose to treat you the way they did. However, understanding ourselves is key to self-acceptance. You should be your own best supporter, nurturer and friend.

Being of your truth stems from recognising you have the freedom to be of and to trust, the value of your uniqueness. You choose whether you are going to be of your truth, or suppress the true nature of your soul. Accepting you are significant is a stepping stone to embracing the truth of who you are.

You shouldn’t try ‘to find yourself’, you should take the time to be aware of yourself, and seek to understand what influences you, with the realisation that you are an evolving soul capable of developing a strong relationship with your true essence.

Life is the journey of discovering the exquisiteness of who we are.

Harmony within yourself should never be underestimated.

It is worth the honesty required.

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