What is Truth-Seeking, Soul-Searching and Spiritual Exploring?

1.30 minute read… As truth-seekers, we are aware that we want to reconnect and embrace the truth of being souls. It stems from the aspiration to ‘know thy self’. This means to have an honest relationship with ourselves. Truth-seeking means our curiosity has been sparked and there is an internal thirst for knowledge that resonates with our inner being—soul. We want to reconnect with our authenticity and feel the meaningfulness of our existence.

It is not “finding ourselves”; it is recognising we are a soul, and that isn’t something we need to chase. It is accepting we aspire to understand the truth of who we are, knowing we have an opportunity to resolve what limits our self-perception and to evolve beyond those limitations.

A seeker applies effort to their curiosity. Curiosity enables us to explore, to be inquisitive so we can learn more about who we are. However, there are many pitfalls to be wary of, one is the pursuit to prove we are right in our beliefs. This is not curiosity and will leave us looking through distorted filters. Distortions create limitations and lead us to be selective in what we will acknowledge.

We often ignore everything we decide is an interference to our beliefs, leaving us oppressing our own awareness. We exert a lot of effort as we attempt to ensure what we don’t want to know remains hidden in our denial.

Truth-seekers are always confronted with their denial, and this is when the explorer within must step forward and take the reins. An explorer will acknowledge the unknown, and are prepared to travel through the unfamiliar, looking to discover what is there. A soul explorer removes filters and is willing to investigate—contemplate reality, through objective observation.

A spiritual explorer embraces their curiosity, and allows the yearning to discover and comprehend truth, to be the compass to their adventure.

An explorer recognises the importance of soul-searching, to carefully examine their thoughts, beliefs, words and feelings. It is being prepared to acknowledge the truth of our motives, reactions and how we interact with others and our life experiences.

All evolutionary journeys require us to seek, search and explore. This builds our self-awareness and fosters a healthy relationship with ourselves, life and others.

If your curiosity is sparked, you’ll enjoy – Are you a spiritual explorer?