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We are all intuitive souls, we can feel, sense and hear truth. Our souls naturally resonate with truth, and intuition is the recognition of that resonance. Intuition is an internal signal telling you to be aware of yourself, take notice of reality and be open to explore. Intuition does not mean always being given answers, it is knowing when to value the significance of our internal feelings, and to trust our awareness. Intuition is a signal that it is time for being curious and true to ourselves.Journal

When we acknowledge what we can internally feel we intuitively gain, or are in a process of gaining, insight and awareness.

Intuition is to feel truth, which may not be all the truth. It could be a snippet or an awareness that something is out of alignment with truth. Intuition is recognising our awareness of energy; an internal knowing that we are responding to the frequency of truth, or reacting to the vibration of something that is out of kilter with truth. Unfortunately, as we separate from the truth of who we naturally are, and the truth of our feelings, we make it difficult to trust what we feel, sense and internally know. This often leaves us overriding our own insight and awareness, and it not until hindsight kicks in that we realise the importance of what we had felt.


It is difficult to explain what I do, and others can find me enigmatic. I am a soul-intuitive, recognising truth and respecting the equality of our souls. I objectively observe and acknowledge the multi-facets of the consciousness and unconsciousness of who we are.

I naturally feel and recognise the vibrations of unconscious energy, and the frequency of truth. This was very confusing before I understood my own awareness of energy, embraced my curiosity and trusted my intuition. As I grew in understanding, I learnt to trust my soul insight and awareness, and to value and work with my intuition.

I read both the conscious and unconscious energy of souls. All energy has a signature, and I read, track and explore the vibration or frequency of each signature. By being present in the energy, instinctively feeling, and objectively observing the different components, I unravel the intention behind the energy.

I acknowledge truth and trust my resonance with truth. I also innately hear, see, feel and intuit the consciousness of other souls. When I work with another, I experience a connection with their soul’s consciousness, but I cannot and do not try to steer their soul’s consciousness. This provides an opportunity for their soul to communicate information, which is significant for that person to better understand the truth of their reality. 

I intuitively read energy from many sources. Depending on the present moment experience, it could be from:

  • Another person’s consciousness
  • My own consciousness
  • The collective consciousness, which is our origins of truth; labelled as True Source Divine Origin Consciousness in the Insight & Awareness anthology.
  • The residue of energy left behind after an experience or event; either the residual energy of the frequency of truth, or the residual vibrations of unconscious energy.
  • The dynamics of reality: past, present, or the potential future ramifications of choices made.
  • A crossed-over soul who is the purity of their soul unified with the origins of truth, unencumbered by any unresolved emotions and unconscious intent. 
  • A lost soul who has rejected returning to the origins of truth and is stuck on Earth, without a physical body, and still encumbered with their unresolved emotions.
  • The vibrational energy of a person’s unconsciousness.
  • The undercurrents of energy in the words we speak.
  • The collective unconscious energy of the mass energy of mankind
  • Snap shots of past lives. These only occur for me when it is relevant to a person’s understanding.     

What is a soul’s consciousness?

The truth of who we are at the core of our being.

A soul’s consciousness is:

  • The eternalness of who we are
  • Our authenticity, uniqueness and exquisiteness
  • Our essence, which is multi-strands of truth energy (core essences) that define the unique frequency of who we individually are.
  • Our natural self
  • Our spirit
  • Our life force

What is a soul’s unconsciousness?

true source divine origin conciousness diagramOur carried emotional baggage.

A soul’s unconsciousness:

  • Our storehouse of unresolved emotions
  • The energy we create while separated from the truth of who we naturally are.
  • The energy we create that is not of the frequency of truth.
  • Our carried unresolved emotions from this life and from previous lives.
  • Our long-held fears and embedded beliefs
  • The ways in which we deny truth
  • The structures we use to sabotage ourselves


"You are...

a significant, unique, independent, individual soul, who has ventured into this world to expand your awareness of yourself and truth. You are an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness: you are an opportunity for evolution." Your Insight and Awareness Book
Lorraine Nilon


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