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This book aids survivors to clarify their own understanding and to reconcile with the significance of their soul. Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence illuminates the many facets of indifference connected with abuse, and explains why the permeating effects of indifference are so destructive to a victim’s sense of self.
The intent of this book is to:

  • Explain the layers of trauma resulting from abuse
  • Illuminate the emotional and energetic impact of abuse
  • Broaden awareness of the true ramifications of indifference
  • Educate those who support survivors
  • Expose the arrogance of paedophiles who choose to victimise innocent children, while relying on the trauma to keep them silent.

Abuse is a traumatic experience that leaves a residue of indifference; on that is difficult to comprehend through the lens of intrusive fear and beliefs of not being good enough that are left in the wake of abuse. Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence explains how fear develops into a victim mentality, impeding the survivor’s ability to unshackle the emotional chains that oppress the truth of their souls.

This book was written for survivors of paedophilic abuse, but those who have experienced any type of abuse will gain insight into the reality of indifference. It also addresses being stuck in an emotional prison from a soul perspective, and reveals how we are always more than just what we have experienced and the emotions we feel engulfed by.

Abuse is never deserved.
It is an exploitation of innocence and physical disadvantage,
which is perceived as an opportunity by the abuser

2 reviews for Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence ebook – ePub and Mobi formats

  1. GHP

    Lorraine Nilon’s books are so healing for anyone who has suffered any type of abuse. Her books are a wonderful guide for people to navigate through deep emotional issues, while feeling fully supported and gaining insights and understandings. Her books provide much needed assistance to help with unresolved emotional issues and are a powerful healing tool for people who are suffering. I highly recommend her work and I am grateful to have both copies of the books she has written. Thank you, Lorraine for the incredible, soulful, deep healing work you have written. Natalee Teivonen

  2. GHP

    Regarding your Breaking Free
    If I may give you my first impressions. YOU ARE SO SPOT ON!
    I am reading the book from an Observer’s point of view. The ripple effect person, first ripple next to the victim. A spouse.
    The way the book makes me feel – I am aching for my spouse – but it also opens my understanding to a depth I have never felt before. I also am aware not to read too much at once; it is too hard to imagine what he must have gone through.
    I LOVE the chapter on ENERGETIC System. The True Source Divine Origin Consciousness concept is so poignant.
    I LOVE it when you speak of soul. Soul can heal!!
    I LOVE the diagram on page 17.

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