Life after Death - YouTube channel - photo of Lorraine Nilon

Life After Death: Guest Lorraine Nilon

Woman studies NDE 20 years, reveals RELIGION PEOPLE are WORSHIPING COUNTERFEIT GOD !

Life After Life channel is a collection of near death experiences or NDE stories of people who have passed on or crossed over to the other side, or heaven. We hope to bring some of these stories to life with our editing, and raise awareness about NDE near death experiences throughout the world.

I will be honest, this title surprised me (It was taken from their interview questions ) and I haven’t studied NDE for 20 years – They mixed me up with one of my podcast guest who had!

I enjoyed the interview and it was a lovely hour with the host :). Lorraine Nilon 

Life after Death - YouTube channel - photo of Lorraine Nilon

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