Intuition – A brief overview

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We are all intuitive souls, we can feel, sense and hear truth. Our souls naturally resonate with truth, and intuition is the recognition of that resonance.

Intuition is an internal signal telling us to be aware of ourselves, take notice of reality and be open to exploring. Working with our intuition does not mean we always have the answers, but it does mean we are aware that there is a question. This can be the start of a beautiful adventure, one that your soul is aware of the possibilities but we may not recognise until in hindsight we see how the pieces fell together. When we trust we can feel our souls calling us in a direction. it requires us to back our own intuition-inner knowing.

Developed intuition is knowing when to value the significance of our internal feelings, and to trust our awareness.

Our intuition is a signal that it is time to be curious, observant and true to ourselves. When we acknowledge what we can internally feel we intuitively gain, or are in a process of gaining, insight and awareness.

Developing our intuition enables us to feel truth, which may not be all the truth. It could be a snippet or an awareness that something is out of alignment with truth. Intuition is recognising our awareness of energy; an internal knowing that we are responding to the frequency of truth, or reacting to the vibration of something that is out of kilter with truth.

Unfortunately, as we separate from the truth of who we naturally are, and the truth of our feelings, we make it difficult to trust what we feel, sense and internally know. This often leaves us overriding our own insight and awareness, and it not until hindsight kicks in that we realise the importance of what we had felt.

Empaths are highly sensitive to what they feel, sense and hear. The more they understand energy, the better they can work with and not against their own intuition. Empaths are highly intuitive but are often confused by their own awareness.

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