After decades of workshops in and around my local area and meeting lots of beautiful, raw and significant souls – I now offer this service in many different forms.

Starting with the 7 Essential Keys to Self-Reflection, a cross between podcast and thought-provoking exercises. I have aimed to create lots of fun while you learn to be more observant, objective and attuned to your inner-wisdom. A safe, nurturing space increase your self-awareness and emotional resilience so you can handle life and those big emotional waves that come unexpectedly. (We have all experienced them!!)

In times of struggle self-reflection skills are crucial! Have you ever felt powerless over your own emotions, thoughts and behaviours? When you emotionally react, do you implode or explode? Are your emotions controlling you?

Free trials will be held throughout the development stage of some of my courses; if this is something that you would be interested in, please let me know on the contact form!

(I call this group The Front runners – You will be offered to do different sections of the courses with me or online followed by a phone call to gauge your reactions. This could be private, in an online group chat or a physical gathering. You may also be asked your opinion on book covers and offered to read and review new releases.)

Immersive Retreats 2-3 days will be held in various locations. We are open to suggestions, currently, the Hunter Valley, Ulladulla, Central Coast and Newcastle have been nominated. Dates and venues to be advised.

All courses – Workshops – Immersive Retreats and Webinars are based on the books and are an exploration of our soul truth. 

They are expeditions to:

Reconnect with our authentic self (our souls) and live to our true potential.

Recover from the pain, misconceptions, negative self-beliefs and fears we carry.

Rejuvenate our relationship with ourselves, others, reality and our origins of truth.

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The team at Insight & Awareness would love to see a photo of you reading any of the books.

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