After a decade of workshops in and around my local area, I look forward to offering this service in many different forms.

Online courses are currently under development and will be launched at the end of 2021. Starting with the 7 Essential Keys to Self-Reflection, a cross between a podcast and thought-provoking exercises. Lots of fun while you learn to be more observant, objective and attuned to your inner-wisdom. This course increases your self-awareness and emotional resilience. 

We look forward to the Insight & Awareness Academy launch and the ongoing development aligned with each of the new books listed below. If you are interested please register your expression of interest. This will ensure you are notified about the launch and receive an Early Bird discount.

Free and heavily reduced trials will be held throughout the development stage; if this is something that you would be interested in, please indicate it on the contact form.

(I call this group The Front runners – You will be offered to do different sections of the courses with Lorraine, a Mentor, or online followed by a phone call to gauge your reactions. This could be private, in an online group chat or a physical gathering. You may also be asked your opinion on book covers and offered to read and review new releases.)

Immersive Retreats 2-3 days will be held in various locations. We are open to suggestions, currently, the Hunter Valley, Ulladulla, Central Coast and Newcastle have been nominated. Dates and venues to be advised.

All courses – Workshops – Immersive Retreats and Webinars are based on the books and are an exploration of our soul truth. 

They are expeditions to:

Reconnect with our authentic self (our souls) and live to our true potential.

Recover from the pain, misconceptions, negative self-beliefs and fears we carry.

Rejuvenate our relationship with ourselves, others, reality and our origins of truth.

Spirituality, Evolution &
Awakened Consciousness

Understanding How to Get Real About Soul Maturity and Spiritual Growth

To understand the true meaning of spirituality, evolution and awakened consciousness, we have to acknowledge the complexity of who we are. We are all souls having the experience of life within a physical body. How we approach this experience has a huge impact on the way we live, and on the legacy, we leave our souls to carry.

We can use our truthfulness to resolve and convert the unconscious energy into conscious understanding. This process of changing energy expands our awareness and self-knowledge is evolution. Evolution is the process of developing changes that create emotional growth and soul maturity.

The main purpose of this course is to understand how to get real about Spirituality, Evolution and Awakened Consciousness. Also how to stay grounded; there is no Spiritual by-passing here. 

Subjects include:

  • What is spirituality?
  • What is not spirituality?
  • Judgement impedes spiritual evolution
  • Spiritual evolution derived from exploration
  • Life as the opportunity for spiritual evolution
  • Evolution and your Core Essences
  • Awakened Consciousness
  • Significance
  • Karma

An excellent course for those who want to go beyond the conceptual ideals of Spirituality, Evolution and Awakened Consciousness and want to be insightful and aware.

Great for those who yearn to feel the meaning of their lives.
Anyone who is sick and tired of feeling ‘Not good enough’.
Those who internally know they want to get real and are not interested in spiritual illusion.
Practitioners, spiritual coaches who seek to build a greater comprehension.
Curious souls

Your Insight and Awareness Book

Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself


Please note: This course has been the fundamental foundation of the Insight & Awareness development it is only offered under the guidance of mentors, or in intensive retreats or physical gatherings workshops. Applications are required via the contact form, which is followed by a phone consult and an individualized prerequisite. We respect each applicant comes with their own history and is assessed on their own willingness and merit. 

This is an intensive course broken into four sections. Your Insight and Awareness book is not a how-to manual nor is it designed to tell you how to act consciously. It is more a tour guide asking you to truthfully question your reality and uncover the extraordinary lengths you go to resist, deny and avoid your insight and awareness.

It is a layered adventure that keeps building awareness and enables you to learn from your reactions to what you feel and observe. It is a course and book that will excite those who truly want to understand and face the reality of what is inhibiting them from feeling, accepting, trusting and unifying with the truth of their soul.

The information is the result of tracking the energy of many emotions, fears, beliefs, even the extremity of indifference, and the consciousness naturally flowing within our souls.

The main purpose of this 4-part course is to explore the internal void and answer questions hidden beneath your limited perception of yourselfTo understand the process of tracking energy and truthful interpretation. To recognise your ego, desire for control and worship of control that creates narratives that cause you to become lost in the labyrinth of your own soul oppression or to discount the significance of your actions, cyclic behaviours and the words you speak. It is course of soul accountability and opens you to energies that require truthfulness to manage. 

This is a course for the dedicated: those who have a destiny to uniquely fulfill, a mission to evolve their soul. Those prepared to walk into the core of their unconsciousness, supported by a mentor, and resolve the rawness of their own unconsciousness.

All destinies are respected and it may be a stepping stone to your own creative endeavours or to become part of the team of Insight & Awareness Mentors.  

Subjects include:

Learning to track energy and truthfully interpret energy felt. Participating in the evolution of your soul with integrity and a real feet-on-the-spirituality.

Leaning into your original intention for this lifetime; how to enhance the ‘no rock unturned’ attitude.

Part 1 – Chapters One to Nine

  • Your soul’s consciousness
  • Your soul’s unconsciousness
  • Resistance, denial, avoidance and codependency
  • Negative beliefs
  • Your addiction to oppressing your soul’s consciousness
  • Externalisation
  • Control
  • Freedom of choice

Part 2 – Chapters Ten to Eighteen

  • Avoiding soul accountability
  • Soul integrity
  • Avoidance of soul commitment
  • Separation from your awareness of your soul
  • Indoctrinations and concretisation
  • Escapism
  • Caring for your soul
  • Lives and life

Part 3 – Chapters Nineteen to Twenty-Five

  • The journey
  • Understanding the energetics of the mass-energy of mankind
  • Departure from this lifetime
  • Lost souls
  • Demonic
  • Psychic attack of an entity of soul denial
  • Crossed-over souls
  • Reborn
  • Energetic collectives
  • Chakra and aura system
  • Defiance against your soul blueprint
  • Carried victim energy
  • Belief of not being good enough
  • Images and illusions

Part 4 – Chapter Twenty-Six to Twenty-Nine 

  • Controlled evolution
  • Mankind’s energetic collectives sustaining controlled evolution belief
  • Ramifications of controlled evolution
  • Denial of the truth of controlled evolution beliefs

What People Are Saying…

ETA – Hopefully end of 2020- early 2021

Energy of souls

Understanding Your Soul System to Expand
Your Emotional and Spiritual Maturity

Energy of Souls is designed to educate those who are interested in the complexities of their energy system. We are layers of energy, and the better we grasp our own personal reality, the more aware we become. Awareness can be a gift and a curse.

A gift if truthfully acknowledged and objectively observed. This means our awareness becomes the pivotal points to learn from. This enables us to become insightful about ourselves, life and the journey of our souls.

Awareness becomes a curse if we distort what we are aware of to suit a belief we want to control. Our awareness can be used as an investigative tool, when we are willing to be an objective observer of ourselves.

The main purpose of this course is to understand the energetics of being a soul in a physical body and how we are creators of the energy of souls. You cannot nurture or protect what you do not understand.

Subjects include:

  • Soul’s consciousness
  •           You are a soul
  •           Feelings
  • Crux of unconsciousness
  • Unresolved emotions
  • Charkas and auras
  • Soul of many lives
  • Collective energy

An excellent starting point for those who want to know more about energy.
Great for empaths who struggle to comprehend what they energetically feel and emotionally impacted by.
Anyone who feels energy, and is aware of something but is not sure what.
Those looking for a fresh approach to energetic awareness.
Practitioners in the energy field wishing to build a greater comprehension of the energy exchange and impact.
Those in situations of caring for others and feel drained of energy
Curious souls

The team at Insight & Awareness would love to see a photo of you reading any of the books.

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Eta 2021

Emerging Awareness

An Invitation to Honour the True Essence of Who You Are

If you are a spiritual explorer, Emerging Awareness will ignite your curiosity. It will also re-ignite curiosity in those who are spiritually weary, and are stuck in the chase to ‘find themselves’. It is an invitation to embrace the core essences of your soul. It is an opportunity to recognise them within yourself and to acknowledge your reaction to the purity of your own soul.

When you approach life with an open mind and accept that it is an expedition, you can shift the focus from wanting to arrive at a destination, to being aware of what is being exposed to you in the present moment.

As you recognise the opportunities to learn from yourself, relationships with others and your present circumstances, your insight and awareness expand. This enhances your relationship with the truth of your own soul.

The main purpose of this course is to move beyond limited perceptions and embrace the core essences of your soul. To attune to your own awareness and honour the exquisiteness of who you are.

Subjects include:  

Living and Experiencing life as an opportunity 

Our world

Spiritual journey

Learning to honour your soul

Losing a sense of self


The protection of your unconsciousness




Soul oppression

Core essences of your soul.

25 core essences explored, including Acceptance – Appreciation – clarity –Hope – Joy – Uniqueness – Freedom 

Excellent for those who yearn to reconnect with the core of their being

Great for those who want to develop a strong relationship with their soul

Anyone who wants to explore the beauty of their soul and resolve their own self-opposition.

Those who internally know there is more to them than what they give themselves credit for.

Practitioners and nurturers of others who seek to build a greater comprehension.

Curious souls

ETA late 2021/ early 22

Worthy of Recovery

Understanding the Wake Left Behind Life Shocks, Betrayal, Abuse, Addiction and Narcissistic Relationships

The book and course offer assurances that regardless of what you have experienced and where you have been, you deserve and can have a strong sense of who you are. It highlights the importance of understanding what has become a barrier to you accepting your reality, liking the process of self-discovery and (the big one) loving who you naturally are.

There are many events and moments that are life shocks that simply do not respond to ‘get over it’. They rock us to our core and as much as we want to ‘let it go’, the aftershocks stay as torments. Worthy of Recovery offers an understanding of why we can’t ‘just jump over it and move on’. The book and course explain what to look for, explore and how there is a flow-on effect from these life shocks.

Course includes: 

  • Healing and Recovery
  • The Oppressor of Recovery
  • Road to freedom

Take responsibility for your own recovery

  • Accept yourself
  • Acknowledge reality
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Boundaries
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Emotional pain


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