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Lorraine Nilon – Soul Intuitive®, Emotional and Spiritual Mentor and Award-Winning Author 

A wisdom building podcast– full of stories, insights and self-reflective tips.

OUR BIG QUESTION: What does humanity need to acknowledge and understand for evolution to occur? 

None of us escape experiencing trauma in our lives; for some it is childhood abuse, relationship dramas or the disappointment of life not working the way we expected, so how do we deal with our reactions, build emotional resilience and nurture our own spiritual growth?

This podcast discusses different life shocks, trauma and recovery processes, exploring how they can lead to new found life perspective and soul maturity. We talk about and celebrate the uniqueness of our paths to emotional and spiritual well-being. The podcast is designed to explore the complexities of life through the lens of grounded spirituality.

Host Lorraine Nilon is an award-winning author, who has spent well-over twenty years using her skills as a Soul Intuitive® helping countless others do the inner work required to:

  • Reconnect with their authentic self (their souls) and live to their true potential.
  • Recover from carried pain, misconceptions, negative self-beliefs and fears.
  • Rejuvenate their relationship with themselves, others, reality and their origins of truth.
Photos of people with headphones enjoying Lorraine's Podcast
Nova Gibson, Mike Cavalli, David Richo and maryann Petri - Guests on Lorraine Nilon Podcast
Photo of Lorraine Nilon, Dr Eben Alexander, Tyson Yunkaporta, Stepanie Sarazin and Judy Wilkins-Smith
photo of Ken Honda, Jeff Golden, Paul Levy, Kieron Morgan, Hans Wilhelm with Lorraine Nilon
photo of EVAN LONGIN, Debi Silber, Micael Ruskin, RENEAU PEURIFOY with Lorraine Nilon
photo of THE HERO TRIBE, Kris Ashley author, Barry Eaton, The royal we-Kevin Mckee
photo of Lorraine Nilon's podcast guest Lisa A.Romano, Mytrae Meliana and Josephine Sartor
photo of Richard Grannon, Jeffrey besecker, Steve Gamlin and Helen Morse and Lorraine Nilon
Photos of - Dr Dawson Church, Amanda Quick, Shannon Wysocki, Freeman Fung Bianca Stawairski - Authors interview by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Same Torode author. Debbie Mirza Author. Scott Allan Author. AJ PArr author near-death
A List of Lorraine Nilon Podcast guest Ep 6-10
Photos of guest for Lorraine Nilon podcast
Debbie Mirza with Lorraine Nilon

022 – Debbie Mirza – Author of The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist

Unveiling the Truth Beneath the Confusion and Evolving.
15/02/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Scott Allan With Lorraine Nilon

023 – Scott Allan – Author of Do the Hard Things First, Fail big and many more….

Redefining Success.

Join Scott and Lorraine as they discuss…
01/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of AJ Parr NDE journalist with Lorraine Nilon

024 – AJ Parr – Author of Stairway to Heaven-25 Near Death Experiences

What Awaits Us Once This Life Ends? 

Author of…
01/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of Amanda Quick author and Lorraine Nilon Podcaster/author

025 – Amanda Quick-Author of The Sex Trafficker’s Wife

What Happens When the Unthinkable Occurs? 
17/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of Dr Dawson Church and Lorraine Nilon Podcaster/authorLorraine Ni

026 – Dr Dawson Church – Author of Mind to Matter

 EFT and Manifesting 
Dr Dawson Church - Author of…
17/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lorraine Nilon Podcaster/Author and Shannon Wysocki -author

027 – Shannon Wysocki – Author of A Brush with Worlds Unseen: A Memoir

Followed her intuition that revealed extraordinary life…
17/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lorraine Nilon and Freeman Fung Spiritual Podcast cover

028-Freeman Fung – Author of Travel to Transform

The world has already globalized, but human consciousness…
17/03/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of Bianca Stawiarski and Lorraine Nilon

029 – Bianca Stawiarski – Founder of Indigenous Warida Wholistic Wellness Centre.

Talking "Yarning" and Listening Heals Trauma.

07/04/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of Helen Morse and Lorraine Nilon

030-Helen Morse – Author of A Difficult Girl

The Strength and Perseverance of Sisterly Love in a Family…
07/04/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lorraine Nilon and Steve Gamlin

031-Steve Gamlin – The Motivational Firewood® Guy

Steve Gamlin Author of 20 to Life (In a Good Way)!: Twenty…
14/04/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Jeffrey Besecker and Lorraine Nilon photo and picture of her book and podcast episode

032- Jeffrey Besecker – A Holistic Behavioral Coach & Podcaster: The Light Inside.

Can you be Psychologically Comfortable with the Act of…
03/05/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Richard Grannon Narcissistic abuse expert and Lorraine Nilon

033 – Richard Grannon : A Narcissistic Relationship Podcast

Self-Honesty Within A Narcissistic Relationship
16/05/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lorraine Nilon and Mytrae Meliana

034 – Mytrae Meliana – A Journey to Freedom and Self-Empowerment!

 A Journey to Freedom and Self-Empowerment!
16/05/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lisa A Romano and Lorraine Nilon

035-Lisa A. Romano – Recovery and Self-Mastery

Lisa A. Romano - Recovery and Self-Mastery is a Process…
16/05/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Josephine Sartor and Lorraine Nilon

036-Josephine Sartor – Positive Intentions Psychic/ Medium. What do they experience?

What do Medium experience and how does it affect their…
08/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Lorraine Nilon and Dr Pat Boulogne

037 – Our Body Talks to us and We Should Listen! Dr Pat Boulogne:

Dr Pat Boulogne - Author of Why are you Sick, Fat and…
08/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo the hero tribe and Lorraine Nilon

038 – Recognizing the Slumbering Potential to be the Hero of our Life Story: The Hero Tribe.

The Hero Tribe: Authors of The Hero's Handbook.

08/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Lorraine Nilon Kris Ashley

039 – Kris Ashley: Spiritual Path and Recovery!

Trigger warning Childhood Sexual Abuse discussed.

21/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
photo of Barry Eaton

040 – Barry Eaton: Uncovering the secrets of life – Author of Afterlife

In this mind-blowing episode, we'll dive deep into the…
21/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
Photo of Lorraine Nilon and Kevin mckee THE ROYAL WE together

041-42 – The Royal We-Kevin McKee: Why Your Narcissistic Husband Doesn’t Want Sex! PART 1&2

If you are experiencing a lack of sex and affection from…
21/06/2023/by Lorraine Nilon
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