After decades of workshops in and around my local area and meeting lots of beautiful, raw and significant souls – I now offer this service in many different forms. Here is a quick overview of the online course. If you want to attend a Workshops see what is on offer in the next section.

The 7 Essential Keys for Honest Self-Reflection online course, is a cross between a podcast and workshop. As you workshop yourself through the entertaining information and thought-provoking questions, you’ll reveal the inner wisdom within yourself. The guests discuss their reactions to the thought-provoking self-reflective questions, enabling you to observe another’s perspective.  

The Soul Awareness Workshop is intensive and you’ll be guided and mentored thorough the emotional labyrinth that confront evolving souls. It is grounding and tracks the emotional patterns and beliefs that inhibit you from recognizing the truth of your soul.

Every workshop is unique because the dynamics change with each group. I am not going to lie sometimes they are a wild-ride! People can shy away at the thought of the exploration of their emotions and beliefs with others but the results are always worth it, and it is done in a respectful and fun way. There is always a lot of laughter so don’t override your curiosity with self-doubt if you are interested in meeting like-minded people on the adventure of expanding their self-awareness.

My job is to support you through the blocks that stop you from trusting your own intuition and assist you to gain the skills of self-reflection.

The 7 Essential Key for Honest Self-Reflection online and workshop are exciting ways to increase your self-awareness and emotional resilience so you can handle life and those big emotional waves that come unexpectedly. (We have all experienced them!!)

Below are the upcoming 2-day workshops – Don’t be shy – Guarantee you’ll love it!

Online course comes with:

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In times of struggle and the expansion of awareness self-reflection skills are crucial!

Have you ever felt powerless over your own emotions, thoughts and behaviours?

When you emotionally react, do you implode or explode? Are your emotions controlling you?

It takes courage to be brave enough to recognize life is asking us to turn inwards, to be introspective. And it is easier to do it while guided, sometimes the hardest part of being self-reflective is finding a direction.

Lorraine Nilon Australian Author

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It takes courage to be brave enough to recognize life is asking us to turn inwards, to be introspective. And it is easier to do it while guided, sometimes the hardest part of being self-reflective is finding a direction.

Self-reflection is a form of self-care and self-respect, and you are so worth it! We can resolve the adopted negative self-beliefs; we were not born with confusion, hurt or low self-esteem—we were born with potential, an inner knowing and a heart full love to give.

Often you already know the answers you seek, and through self-awareness and reflection you find it and embrace the wisdom of your own knowing.

Self-reflection is not about fixing yourself, it is a way of processing your experiences and understanding your reactions.

This is for you if… you have hit that stage in your life where you want to engage in meaningful self-development.

If you’re seeking spiritual growth and are ready to transform the inner barriers to embracing your true self.

If you feel a resonance with the importance of being self-reflective and being self-aware, don’t miss the opportunity to explore your thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

This course is for you; it is all about you and you deserve the attention!

Is your soul drawn to this self-discovery adventures! Are you curious to know more about yourself?

This is not for you if… you are uninterested in self-exploration, or tapping into your inner wisdom. This course requires effort and honesty, also a thirst for Aha moments. Look out there are plenty of them coming your way during this adventure.


The 7 Essential Keys to Honest Self-Reflection online course creates the space for you to be REAL, OPEN and HONEST. 

You are worth investing in, and the keys take you on an introspective journey that results in you:

  • Nurturing your relationship with yourself and others. 
  • Improving your emotional resilience, self-awareness and confidence.
  • Putting life experiences into perspective, unveiling the life lessons and healing.
  • Setting strong personal boundaries.
  • Experiencing personal growth, feeling free, knowing your soul and much more…

    THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to learn more about you!

Are you ready to improve the life skill of self-reflection and broaden your self-awareness and tap into your inner wisdom? The 7 Essential Keys for HONEST SELF-REFLECTION  is an exciting inner journey waiting for you to start!  

Self-paced online course: 7 Essential Keys for HONEST SELF-REFLECTION

Use the 7 keys to process your emotions, decode your self-beliefs and as tools to live more authentically. This course is a cross between course and podcast. You are given concept to explore, challenged with guiding questions, and then enjoy time out sitting back and listening to a podcast of how others reacted to the teachings and self-reflective questions.

Includes downloadable PDF workbook $497


  • You automatically become a VIP and receive discounted prices for future online courses.
  • ebook – Spirituality, Evolution and Awakened Consciousness  

The SOUL AWARENESS Workshop is a 2-day transformational experience!

Get excited about who you naturally are!

Bring your curiosity and questions about being a soul!

If you know the spiritual journey is one of recovery, reconnection and rejuvenation then you’ll love this workshop.  You’ll walk away with some of your HOW & WHY Questions answered that’s for sure!!

Unresolved emotions and negative self-beliefs are the focus of the workshop.

  • How do you feel about yourself?

  • Why do you feel this way?

  • What negative self-beliefs are trapped and influencing your self-perception?

  • What awareness of your soul do you have but not realize it?

What life skills do I walk away with from this workshop?

During the workshop, you’ll be guided and mentored through the emotional labyrinths that confront evolving souls. You will know when you are ready to embark on a self-development and spiritual awakening adventure. 

Your Self-Awareness Will Expand!

This workshop will improve your ability:

  • To reconnect to your self-awareness and natural insight (intuition).

  • To recover from life traumas that have left you doubting your own self-worth.

  • To be emotionally resilient which is the ability to be knocked down and get up stronger. 

  • To recognize the truth of your feelings and to identify your emotions.

  • ​To rejuvenate your relationship with yourself and those you love.   

  • To remember and embrace your significance.

photo of Lorraine and an illustration of a happy lady walking out of an emotional labyrinth

SPECIAL BONUS: A Paperback Copy of Your Insight & Awareness Book 

Morning tea snacks and coffee/tea supplied.

Workbook supplied. 

Spiritual and emotional wellbeing is important to living a fulfilling life.

Understanding yourself is the foundation to personal freedom. 


Ulladulla – Saturday & Sunday 6-7th May 2023. SOLD OUT

 Muswellbrook – Saturday & Sunday 27-28th May 2023. SOLD OUT

Wollongong – Saturday & Sunday 17-18th June 2023.

shop 2/292/296 Gipps Rd Keiraville

Canberra 8 & 9th July 2023  SEATS AVAILABLE 

 Gold Creek Square, Shops 3 and 7/7 O’Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913

Newcastle – Saturday & Sunday 15-16th July 2023. SOLD OUT 

 Times: Saturday – Sunday 9am – 4pm 

Wisdom is the prize of self-reflection.

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