059-From Child Custody Battle to Advocacy: Slamming the Gavel on an Unjust Journey with Integrity! Maryann Petri

How do you deal with injustice and unfairness?

Maryann Petri has lived it, got more than a t-shirt, she got the bill, prison record and emotional scars! 

I have an episode that you won’t want to miss. I had the honor of speaking with Maryann Petri, the incredible author of “Raised by These Wolves” and podcast host of Slam the Gavel.

Maryann shares her powerful story of fighting for justice as a parent inside a flawed system. From collusion and federal court failures to false accusations and time spent in jail, her journey will leave you captivated and outraged. But amidst the chaos, Maryann’s integrity remains steadfast, serving as an anchor that guides her through the storm.

As we dive deep into her story, we explore the impact of emotional child abuse, the disruption caused by new partners, and the long-term effects on the innocent children involved. Through her words, Maryann unveils the dark side of the family court system, where the truth is ignored, attorneys play-act, and justice is elusive. And yet, she perseveres, relying on her integrity to combat inequality and seek a better future.

But this isn’t just a story of injustice; it’s a call to action. Maryann emphasizes the importance of unity among parents, regardless of gender, and the need to expose the flaws in the system. Together, we can push past personal boundaries and fight for the truth, reclaiming justice for ourselves and our children.

So, listen in now as Maryann Petri takes you on a harrowing journey through a broken system, where integrity is both a shield and a guiding light. We’ll uncover the truth behind the courtroom facade, shed light on the impact of false accusations, and inspire you to join the fight for justice. Don’t miss this captivating episode of Lorraine Nilon’s Spiritual Explorer – it’s a story that needs to be heard.

👩‍⚖️✍️ MARYANN PETRI Author of Raised By These Wolves:
How family and federal courts are failing our children
👩‍⚖️✍️👩‍⚖️ From Child Custody Battle to Advocacy: Slamming the Gavel on an Unjust Journey with Integrity!
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