What do you do?

I was asked these questions “What are you an expert in?” and “Please explain what it is you do!”

Brilliant questions!

I re-ignite curiosity in others about their soul’s purpose of evolving.

I help people who feel lost, confused and devalued. I remind them that hidden beneath their fears and beliefs of not being good enough, is an exquisite soul. I have the privilege of being able to feel the beauty of their soul.

I assist those who seek to feel their soul and want to be fully present, and explain the significance of who we are. I work with those who yearn to reconnect with their own authenticity, and I have had the honour of witnessing people engage in a meaningful relationship with their own soul truth.

I re-ignite curiosity in those who are spiritually weary, and are stuck in the chase to ‘find themselves’. I shift the focus from wanting to arrive at a destination, to being aware of what is being exposed to them in the present.

I explain the void many feel internally, and explore any barriers that prevent them from feeling their truth. Insight and awareness invokes hope. People can use this hope to explore beyond their own negativity, and when they do, they become my inspiration. You see I work with, not for, as it is a collaborative process. I love that I am a part of experiences that expose the truth of souls. I intuitively know, what impedes people from unifying with their truth.

I could be called a guide, a coach, a teacher or a trusted friend; the label for what I do is best left to those who share time with me. This is because every session and workshop is different. However, what I can tell you is that I always work from empathy and unconditional love, because when I see people, I see souls in a physical body, experiencing life.

I will be honest, I baulked at these questions at first, at how to describe myself and what I do. Then I laughed at the synchronicity, because I am currently upgrading information that will be in my next book on not dumbing yourself down. You have got to love synchronicity! You see I not only teach, I learn from our shared moments, and paths crossing. So, brilliant timing as well as brilliant question. xx


"You are...

a significant, unique, independent, individual soul, who has ventured into this world to expand your awareness of yourself and truth. You are an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness: you are an opportunity for evolution." Your Insight and Awareness Book
Lorraine Nilon


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